Passenger Rights

Travel problems? In addition to its own law, Switzerland has also picked up a passenger’s rights enshrined by the European Union (EU).


Damaged, lost or delayed baggage


The carrier (carrier) is responsible for damage to luggage due to destruction, loss or damage (up to an amount of 1 000 SDR) *. This is true all over the world, whether it is performed by an airline Swiss or EU.


Denied boarding, flight cancellations and long delays


If the number of passengers exceeds the places available, if the flight is canceled or extended delays occur, you are entitled to financial compensation and other assistance by the airline.


Transparency in airline ticket prices



In advertisements must be given the overall price of a flight. The ticket price must therefore include the fuel surcharge, airport taxes, security taxes and all other ancillary fees.


Personal injury or death following a plane crash



The transport company is civilly liable in the event of death or personal injury to a passenger during an accident on board an aircraft or during the operations of embarking or disembarking.


Travel “all inclusive”



If, as part of a trip “all inclusive”, has not been provided the agreed services, you are entitled to claim compensation to the tour operator or travel agency where you bought this trip. This right applies regardless of the destination of the trip, provided that it has been booked in Switzerland or in an EU country.

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